Our Misson & Vision

At Life After Ball, our mission is to empower athletes to transition seamlessly from sports to successful careers beyond the field. We envision a world where every athlete is equipped with the tools, support, and opportunities to thrive in their life after sports.

MVP Program

Our MVP Program is designed to thoroughly prepare athletes for life beyond sports, focusing on three essential areas:

M - Money

We offer a comprehensive financial literacy curriculum that covers both fundamental and advanced topics. Athletes will learn about:

  • Budgeting and saving
  • Investing strategies
  • Banking and credit management
  • Financial planning for long-term stability
V - Vision

This component helps athletes to envision and plan their future careers. It includes:

  • Inspirational talks and guidance from professional life and business coaches
  • Career development workshops
  • Assistance from our job placement agency, helping athletes develop crucial work skills
  • Networking opportunities with industry leaders
P - Purpose

We support athletes in discovering and pursuing their true purpose in life. This involves:

  • Personalized coaching sessions
  • Workshops and activities centered on self-discovery
  • Goal setting and strategic planning for personal and professional fulfillment
Leadership Program

The Leadership Program focuses on developing strong, confident leaders who can make a significant impact in their chosen fields. This program offers:

  • Leadership training and development
  • Public speaking and communication workshops
  • Strategic thinking and decision-making seminars
  • Opportunities to lead community projects and initiatives
The Four C's

Career Development

Providing personalized guidance and resources to help athletes discover and pursue their professional passions.

Community Engagement

Participating in community development events. Fostering a supportive network that connects athletes with a desire to give back to the community.


Fostering a supportive network that connects athletes with mentors, industry leaders, and peers.


Encouraging personal growth and resilience through tailored programs and workshops.